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Walnut Lumber & More Supply Issues

I had hoped to start on my vanities and storage cabinet for the bathroom today, and I still may be able to do that, but I’m not 100% sure. The good news is that I picked up my walnut lumber yesterday. I ordered 3 pieces of 1″ x 3″, 1 piece of 1″ x 4″, and 8 pieces of 1″ x 2″. I ordered 8-foot lengths, but they came in 10-foot and 12-foot. And those 12 pieces of walnut lumber came to $458. So that doesn’t help with my nervousness about starting this project. 😀

And I wasn’t thrilled with the fact that my one 1″ x 4″ piece came with a rather large knot hole in it…

I actually think it’ll be fine. I have the lengths I need on either side of that knot, but it’s just frustrating to pay so much for walnut and get a piece with a big knot hole.

But anyway, that’s not the frustrating part. The frustrating part is that I’ve had such a hard time finding small cabinet trim in walnut. These supply chain issues are really making it difficult, which means that I may not get the design I want on my vanities and storage cabinet.

I had hoped to end up with something like this…

But everyone seems to be out of the small trim with no restock date given.

So I’m not sure what I’ll do at this point. I can either go ahead and make them with the products that I have, and make the drawer fronts all smooth slab-front drawers, which give a much more modern look that I had wanted. It would be similar to this vanity from Sean’s Woodworking

Or I could switch gears completely and do a paneled door, since I can obviously get lumber needed for the stiles and rails. That would look like these drawer and doors on this vanity which is also from Sean’s Woodworking

So I’m not sure what to do. I’ve been looking for this trim for at least two months now, so I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted all of the possibilities that I’m aware of.

Where do I go from here? One style gives me a very decidedly modern look, which would be offset a bit with the turned walnut legs on the vanities. And the other would give me a look that I tend to equate with more of a farmhouse look. Ugh! I just don’t know. If you’ve forgotten, this is the overall design I’m headed towards on the vanity wall…