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Weekend Antique Finds

Hi friends! I feel like this summer I haven’t had as many of these weekend antique finds blog posts which makes me sad, BUT I will say I have found many treasures this summer & for that I’m thankful. This past weekend we hit up the local flea market for a few minutes [we had prior plans, but I couldn’t pass up at least stopping] & I did find some fun things. Here is a brief overview:

1. Check out this kids swan rocker. It made me so happy when I saw it. I thought I could use it in a baby room for decor or I could even use it as a planter somewhere. Stay tuned for how we use it.

2. I found another kids chair [ I know I know] but I thought it could be a cool planter & it was super clean. I loved the paint color… I don’t know if I’m keeping this one, but I’ll keep you posted.

3. I found this really skinny coffee table which was excited about because there are often times we have small spaces to style and only large coffee tables which cram up the space. So a skinny one with a drop leaf option to make it bigger or smaller was a great find!

4. This little neat lamp was super cheap & I figured I could buy a lamp shade off Amazon for it for pretty cheap too. I love the little bit of color and interest this lamp will add to a space… or I could change it up to fit more in our neutral spaces. Time will tell!

5. Look at this fun antique blue box there! I saw this & thought it could be a great planter or a even a Christmas tree skirt. The color is so great & really could go anywhere in our home.

6. I have a thing for old clocks & this wall clock caught my eye for some reason. I love how worn it is & the wood tone of it to cozy up our white walls.

7. I love this little shelf. The color, the interesting shape, & the small size was great too. I need to find a place to hang this asap! I’m thinking maybe the babies room? We will see.

8. Round linen utility basket. I always find these in a square shape, but I found one in round which is so neat. I thought we could use it for storage in cope’s room or even the pool shed.

I hope my finds inspire you in some way even if it’s to use as a guide as you visit your next flea market or antique shop. See more of these on my Instagram. Thank you for stopping by the blog today! xx