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Top Ten List of what’s new and trending in the kitchen cabinet industry.

Trends from KBIS in Las Vegas
Cabinet interior innovations like the hair dryer drawer above are becoming more popular.
  1. Kitchen and Bath cabinetry prices continue to increase. With prices up about 8% from January 2022.
  2. Supply chain issues remain. Because of this, many less expensive kitchen cabinet brands are having out of stock issues. Also, lead times for custom kitchen cabinets range from 16 to 30 weeks. Fortunately, Main Line Kitchen Design has many options and none of our brands have out of stock problems.
  3. Appliance lead times and availability are worse. Surprisingly, the most expensive appliance brands have a 12-month lead time for many models.
  4. White shaker and recessed panel kitchen cabinets continue to represent over 60% of all customer selections.
  5. Engineered quartz countertops account for almost 90% of all countertop sales.
  6. Because the housing market has become more expensive and interest rates have increased, kitchen renovations in existing homes are replacing renovations in newly purchased homes.
  7. Quartersawn Oak and Riffed cut cerused Oak door styles continue to be popular in the most expensive kitchen cabinet brands. Navy blue and gray are popular colors with all kitchen cabinet brands,
  8. Kitchen and Bath Cabinet interior innovations are becoming more popular than ever. Utility pull outs, trash can pull outs, Lemans, Magic Corners, and Lazy Susans top the list.
  9. Kitchen cabinet dealers are becoming more selective in choosing the customers that they work with. With lead time and supply chain challenges, working with more organized customers that follow your design process has become important.
  10. The cost of the labor to renovate and install a new kitchen has increased faster than the cost of the materials. Thankfully, Main Line Kitchen Design’s policy of having general contractors bid against each other and having customer hire contractors directly helps combat this issue.
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