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A Few Fun, Interactive Before & After Views

Well, I came so close to getting the bathroom storage cabinet finished, and as I was working last night, I had planned to push through until it was finished. But at around 9:00pm, I hit a wall — completely ran out of steam and motivation — and decided to hold off. Once I reach that point while I’m working, I generally find that if I try to push past that point and keep plugging away, that’s when I start making mistakes that have to be redone. So I’ll finish sit today and show y’all how it turned out tomorrow. I’m SO incredibly excited with how it’s turning out. I surprised myself with my decision about what to do with the inside of the cabinet, so I can’t wait to see what y’all think about it.

Anyway, I spent a little time this weekend updating a couple of pages on this website, and I came across a fun tool on my website that I never knew existed. I don’t know how I missed it, because it’s something that I could have used on all of my before and after posts. What I’m talking about is this fun little interactive slider where you can click or tap on the center white circle with the arrows, and drag it left and right to compare two pictures. How great is this for before and after pictures?!

I might have to go back and add these to a whole lot of past posts. What a great way to compare a before and after view!

Before and after pictures are my favorite things to look at, and I love an easy way to compare them. Really comparing the two generally involves a lot of scrolling back and forth to compare them. This makes it so easy to compare them. So you’ll probably see a whole lot more of it in future posts.

unfinished stock oak cabinets used in my kitchen remodel

Since I was so focused on working on the bathroom cabinet this weekend, I didn’t take the time to take new pictures of any of these rooms. So these are a the same pictures you’ve already seen from the most recent before and after home tour I did about three months ago.

I’ve made some changes since then, like new artwork in the kitchen, a new living rooms sofa, and a new finish on the entryway credenza.

Maybe after I get the bathroom finished, I can focus on getting new, updated pictures of those areas. But for now, these pictures from earlier this year will do just fine. Here are a few more without commentary…

I just love those interactive before and after pictures! I didn’t add all of the before and after pictures that I shared earlier this year, so if you want to go back and see all of them (without these handy interactive sliders), you can see the whole house tour here: