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Where to Buy Cute & Affordable Wall Art Online

I absolutely LOVE the details phase of decorating! I buy most of my art on Etsy and Society6 where it’s cute, unique, and budget-friendly!

In this post, I will share a roundup of my favorite affordable wall art online (for every room in your home). I hope it’s helpful for you as you decorate your spaces.

Art is a great way to express your personality, interests, and passions in your home.

Living Room

For the living room, I envision a large piece like this above a fireplace or a collection of personalized art displayed as a gallery wall.

Links: Poolside Gossip / Matisse Set / Elton John / Edward Pink Swan / Skateland / Golden Girls Living Room / Black and White Set / Plants and Frog

TV/Movie Room

I recently ordered a bunch of art for an empty wall in our movie room. So, most of these prints are what I really have displayed in my home!

Links: Jurassic Park / Admission Ticket / The Office / Peggy Olson / The Shining / The Sound of Music / Hocus Pocus / Ouija Board


Do you prefer colorful art or black and white prints in a bedroom? I’m in the middle—I love calm, muted tones.

Links: Sunshine Print / Chicago Traffic / Amélie Poulain / Flower Head Vase / Beach Umbrellas / Beach Balloons / Colorful Crew / Nuns Smoking

Kitchen and Dining Room

I love a print or two displayed in my kitchen. And, I love a gallery wall in the dining room! This print reminds me of the clementine wall in my old house.

Links: Golden Girls Kitchen / Orange Blooms / Mendl’s Bakery / Prohibition Poster / Hygge Time / Pastel Room / Golden Girls Patio / Julia Child Quote

Home Office

I strongly believe that fun and unique art should be in a home office. And, it’s the perfect spot for a Bowie print!

Links: Dalmations / Creative Juice / Office Typewriter / David Bowie / Dolly Parton / Wes Anderson Alphabet / David Bowie Ticket / Colorful Moths

Kids Room

For my kids’ room, most of the art is nostalgic and inspired by movies and music we love.

Links: Mary Poppins / Mythical Alphabet / Dolly Parton / Fantasy Castle / Disney Snacks / Sound of Music / Colorful Moth / Hungry Caterpillar / Fox with Crown


Bathrooms are a PRIMO spot for Etsy art. I almost always need a print (or four!) to go above our toilets, and I think it’s a great spot to put quirky and creative art like this.

Links: Swimming Pool / Pink Bathroom / You Look Good / Skincare Time / Pink Moth / Surfer Beach / Toilet Paper Origami / All Together

Which prints are your favorites?? You can also turn your kid’s art into prints for your home or make a kiddo art frame if you want a personal touch to your artwork.

If you have any Etsy shops you love that we didn’t mention, please leave them in the comments so we can check them out! xx. Elsie

P.S. If you love wall art DIY, check out …