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Peace of Mind for Your Loved Ones

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You all have watched our journey over the last few months of moving our parents to assisted living/memory care. So many of us are on the same journey with our loved ones. Finding the best solutions to help aging parents is a conversation that we all have at one point or the other and today I’m sharing a company who offers medical alert systems that will help all of us when we need to assist our senior family members in living their lives to the fullest. We all want to have peace of mind when it comes to our senior loved ones, don’t we? We’re so fortunate to have great in home options in the care of those family members who need it most.

I had a nice brunch with mom on Mother’s Day weekend and it was a blessing to be with her at the assisted living. They really go above and beyond on holidays and special occasions to make the residents feel at home, loved and cared for and that makes me very happy. Mom and dad are both in a safe place and are well taken care of after moving them from their home last October. We as a family are so relieved to see them in a good place and to have their daily needs being met.

For those of you who still have parents living in their home alone, Bay Alarm Medical is a viable option for peace of mind and security for loved ones. Their medical alert kit comes neatly packaged in a box, ready to assemble and set up in your loved ones home.

Bay Alarm Medical is a trusted provider of Medical Alert Systems, their software, customer services, and devices allow caregivers to have peace of mind and they are affordable and easy to install as well.

In fact, after I partnered with Bay Alarm Medical, I found out my mother-in-law, Joan, has this system since she lives alone and has in home care coming in part of the time. Mark’s family has peace of mind knowing she only has to push a button for instant help.

The in home system products include the medical alert necklace with Help button, an in home base unit, a HELP wall unit, a lock box (more about that below), with the option to wear the alert button on the wrist or as a necklace. This on the go/mobile GPS device can also go with them anywhere they travel, either around the neck or on their wrist. With the compact size, it’s also lightweight with a sleek look.

The caregiver app allows you to see the step counter results and you can also view recent alert activity, i.e. what time mom pushed her button.

There’s also an upgrade option to order this decorative button kit that disguises the alert button and makes a fashion statement as well. Many seniors don’t think they need a medical alert system and some refuse to use or wear them, but the interchangeable buttons for the necklace make it easier for the moms to wear these with their outfits and not feel like it screams “alert button”. For extra peace of mind, this system would give any family additional protection and care for their loved ones. It’s also water resistant and can be worn in the shower and can withstand wet conditions such as rain.

The alert button can also be added to a wrist band, which might be the best option for senior men to wear. It’s a simple rubber wrist band and the alert button is easy to pop in and out of the band and looks similar to a smart watch.

The wrist band is simple and attractive, easy to pop in and out. With 24/7 US based monitoring, it really gives a family peace of mind. There is also a wireless wall button that can be placed in easy-to-reach areas in the bathroom, kitchen, or even a nightstand. It’s waterproof and connects to the main device just like the wearable buttons.

Mom is in assisted living at this time and she has a built in alert system in her apartment that she has access to daily. In case of emergency, she has one by her bedside and also in the bathroom. They check on her several times a day to make sure she’s up and going and making it to meals. This definitely gives us peace of mind in the day to day care of our parents. Dad has extra hands and eyes on him in memory care daily.

Even though mom is not using the Bay Alarm medical device at this time, I showed her all about how it works and how easy it is to wear. She wears lots of necklaces anyway and this would blend right in with her outfits.

If mom and dad weren’t already in assisted living and memory care, we would certainly add an extra layer of protection for them if they were still in their home and we also will do that if things change in the assisted living facility and extra care is needed.

I hope this gives those of you who have loved ones who may need this extra peace of mind a good look at how medical alert systems work and particularly Bay Alarm Medical.

The main thing to note when setting up a Bay Alarm medical alert system is that it connects to a wall phone jack or a modem. There’s a series of tests that are performed to make sure the system is working correctly. There are features to note like automatic fall detection, which can detect if someone has fallen in their home and hasn’t gotten back up. They always encourage users to press the button if they possibly can when they need help, but the fall detection kicks in if someone falls and no movement is detected within a certain time period. Pressing the button will alert medical personnel to come to their home.

Medical personnel will do anything to try to save someone’s life and the lockbox is provided as a safe way for them to enter the home without doing damage in case of emergency. The lock box can place up to 5 spare keys with a 4 digit combination chosen by the set-up person. Secure the lock box with your spare keys, attach it to a secure area and you’re ready to go. When an emergency occurs, the combination will be relayed to emergency personnel so they can enter the residence.

I know that this would give anyone extra peace of mind if you have senior loved ones still living in their home alone. We would certainly have invested in a medical alert system for our parents if they were still at home. I hope this encourages all of you on this journey with aging seniors and loved ones in your life. They depend on us to make good decisions for their medical care and this one would be so worthwhile to do for them. I hope you’ll take a look at Bay Alarm Medical if you’re in the market for a medical alert system at home.

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