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An Intentional Home (The Secret to Success!)

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Life is often messy, busy and unpredictable. Creating an intentional home will help us make the most of even those less-than-perfect seasons. Do you ever just frazzled or overwhelmed just thinking about all of the things you have to do? Perhaps the house is a mess, or every day feels chaotic and you just can’t seem to pull it together. Maybe you’re in a season raising babies (or teens!). There are times when it’s really hard to meet all of the needs (or your own expectations).

How is it even possible to be intentional in home-creating during a crazy season of life?

Do you have memories you want to make or things you want to do that you never get around to? Do you find yourself waiting for life to slow down a bit so you can finally enjoy your home?

You’re definitely not alone. Setting my intentions for each season helps slow life down to a manageable and more rewarding pace. Life still feels busy and stressful at times, but I feel more at peace when I’m realistic about my expectations.

Being intentional about what we do makes taking care of our home and family a much more personally rewarding experience.

An intentional home is about discerning what matters most to you so you can let go of what doesn’t.

We can do a lot, but not all at the same time.

There really is a season for everything.

My secret to being intentional is embracing a seasonal rhythm for the care and keeping of our home and family.

By being intentional, we are able to make the most of every season.

Does creating an intentional home seem doable, hopeful, or still impossible?

An Intentional Home (The Secret to Success!)

An intentional home isn’t about mastering the art of a perfectly lived life.

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect to be meaningful for your family.

You don’t have to be a perfect homemaker or parent or person to be intentional about your home.

Your family doesn’t need to be perfect in order for you to care for them with intention.

Honestly, LIFE itself doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be lived more fully and intentionally!

In fact, imperfection is why we NEED to be intentional! It’s futile to wait until “things slow down” or we have the perfect circumstances to enjoy our life. It’s alright for our home (and life) to be imperfect. In many seasons, life WILL feel busy, get messy, break or something new will need our attention. Children will grow and our family’s needs will be different in future seasons than they are right now.

So how can we successfully set intentions for our home when life is imperfect, changing and often unpredictable?

An Intentional Home (The Secret to Success!)

Live the life you want, even when it’s imperfect, busy and unpredictable!

Many people have confided in me they feel like they are always behind or failing. When something “unexpected” happens, their intentions are derailed.

It is difficult to stick to our intentions when they were based on things that weren’t appropriate for this season! Comparison is the thief of joy, what is happening for someone else might not be for us right now. Even if you’ve figured life out or have your home the way you want it, something will change. Believe me, I’ve been around long enough to confirm that change and imperfection is simply a part of life.

We have to learn to “expect the unexpected.” Flexibility is a benefit of setting intentions. Intentions help you to find a rhythm that allows you to “go with the flow” of your life. A seasonal rhythm can remind you that you are not behind and help you to get back on track!

Learn to define what matters to you right now. Support your own intentions with meaningful and appropriate actions. Intentions are not the same as goals you can fail at if things don’t come together like you expected. Rather they are the values you can hold onto and incorporate in a variety of circumstances.

Setting your intentions for each season helps you to live the life you really want.

An Intentional Home (The Secret to Success!)

How to create meaningful intentions for your home:

1) Embrace your own seasonal rhythms. Find manageable rhythms in every season for both home-keeping and soul-tending that support your stated intentions. You can do many things, but it is important to focus on what makes the most sense for you. Practice seasonal rhythms with intention so you’ll begin to feel more balanced and at peace with your choices throughout the year.

2) Learn the art of savoring simple joys. Incorporate as many senses as you can into what you want to be your most memorable moments. Scents, sights, sounds, touch, taste….they enhance every day life at home. They are so simple, but are often overlooked. Learn to use them to your advantage. Senses are truly the secret to staying more present in what matters now while creating more meaningful and lasting memories. Turns out you don’t need to do it all! Just make the things you choose to do more meaningful. Incorporating more senses into your daily tasks, activities and the rhythms of each season will elevate your experiences.

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An Intentional Home (The Secret to Success!)

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An Intentional Home (The Secret to Success!)
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