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Take TikTok’s Organic Modern Decor To The Bathroom

How to re-create TikTok’s Organic Modern interior trend in the bathroom

With over 23 million views on TikTok, #Organicmodern is proving to be the latest interior trend that everyone wants to follow.

It’s simple to re-create and a sustainable option for those looking to revamp a room or two, so we’ve looked at how to incorporate the key elements of the style into bathroom design for a seamless organic modern look.

Organic modern bathroom interior

This trend is essentially a hybrid of a farmhouse feel and Scandi silhouettes.

Think of open plan spaces, minimal colours, clean lines, floating or freestanding furniture and natural materials. We have outlined three areas of focus that should be considered when re-creating the aesthetic in a bathroom.

Simplified Structures

Milano Bexley Light Oak 800mm Wall Hung Open Shelf Vanity Unit with Basin

Playing on the practicality and simplicity of a Scandi styled space, organic modern bathrooms should incorporate square or rectangular structures when it comes to fixtures and fittings.

It is all about keeping everything in the bathroom looking neat and tidy as well as maximising space. Opt for wall hung vanities and freestanding bathtubs to free up floor space whilst creating a clean and modern feel.

The Milano Bexley light oak wall hung vanity unit offers a dream option to stay organically organised in beautifully understated style and we’ve seen sales of this type of finish increase by around 60% since April.

Storing Bathroom Accessories

Milano Bexley Light Oak Modern Single Wall Hung Open Storage Unit

It can be tempting to have lots of skincare and reusable jars on display in bathrooms, but we advise that you keep bathroom accessories at a minimum to avoid cluttering the room, and arrange them in groups of three on floating shelves to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and organised display of any candles and soaps.

Calming Colours

Curating the right palette of colours is crucial to perfecting the modern organic look.

Neutrals and muted tones are key colours to consider when designing a bathroom in this style.

From nude and greige to shades of mocha and mauve, there are a variety of colourways to choose from, depending on how light or dark you want the space to be.

In smaller bathrooms, be sure to use white too to brighten up the room and make it appear bigger.

A white bathroom centrepiece can certainly open up the space, and in the Milano Legend freestanding slipper bath, there’s an ideal component to build a compact bathroom design scheme around.

Freestanding baths are once again all the rage in UK bathrooms. Sales of these stunning modern and traditional bathtubs have almost tripled since last year and we so no reason for that to change (just look at it!)

Milano Legend White Traditional Double-Ended Freestanding Slipper Bath

Natural Nuances

Nature sits at the heart of this interiors trend and tapping into this with a few subtle touches will help finish off the look.

For final additions, add in some foliage and plants in rope hanging holders or woven basket pots.

A jute or rattan rug or bathmat is always a good idea and opt for wood when it comes to shelving, toothbrush holders, soap dishes or other storage.

How Do You Do Organic Modern?

Have you got some amazing and beautiful organic modern bathroom tips? We think you probably have!

Why not drop us a comment below or tag @big_bathroom_shop in your #OrganicModern pics on Instagram, because we’d love to see how you’re using this stunning new trend in your bathroom!