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Master Bathroom Progress — Toilet Room Walls Finished! (But Second-Guessing The Pink)

The walls in the toilet area of our master bathroom are finally finished! I was uncertain about my design decision for these walls for a while, but now that everything is painted, I love it! At one point, I was considering having just plain white walls in this area, but in the end, I couldn’t do it. Just plain white painted drywall? That’s just not me at all.

Plus, if I left the area with just plain white painted drywall, it would drive me crazy to have such a large plain wall with nothing on it. I’d most certainly feel the need to hang artwork on such a plain wall, and then it would distract from the mural.

So I decided that a compromise would be to add judges paneling to these walls and paint them white. That way, the walls have some interest to them, and I wouldn’t feel the constant need to add artwork to the walls (especially the right wall that’s visible from the main part of the room). But it’s subtle and won’t be distracting, allowing the mural to remain the main focal point. I really love how it turned out.

So the last time I showed y’all this area, the walls looked like this…

And now with everything primed and painted, it looks like this…

See how the paneling added just enough interest to the walls without being overpowering? And that judges paneling will be carried throughout the main part of the room, but it will be just on the bottom part of the walls below the teal Venetian plaster finish.

I did go ahead and paint the one wall pink as planned, but I’m having second thoughts about it. I love the color on its own. It’s called Lady Pink by Glidden. And you can only see a sliver of that wall when standing right in the doorway between the bathroom and the home gym. Once you step into the bathroom, that wall disappears, which is why I thought it would be fun to add another color to that wall.

But I had a couple of issues with this decision. (1) I don’t like this particular color with the blue walls. It’s too much pastel in the room. Those teal walls would look good with a really super light, barely-there pink. But this one has way too much color to look good with the walls. But also, (2) having a white toilet against a wall with color will almost turn the toilet into a feature. And that’s just weird to me. I’d rather have the white toilet disappear, and not become a feature.

So I really don’t think I’d be happy with even a super light pale pink wall at this point. It needs to be white to match the others. Oh well. I tried, and I like to try out different ideas. It was only an $11 trial (Glidden paint is cheap!), so it’s no huge loss.

I’m still going to carry on with my main original idea for this wall. I think it’ll look just as good on a white background as it would have on a pink background. And in fact, white might even be better. But y’all will have to wait for that. I hope to get started on that today. This little room is very close to being finished! I just need to (1) install the new toilet, (2) finish up the wall behind the toilet, and (3) build the cabinet that will go in here. That last item will probably take a few days, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.