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5 Cozy Stairway Scroll Stoppers

One of our big projects we want to do here on the farm is re-do our stairway. & by re-do I mean.. move them. More on that later, but I have found myself saving stairway photos & I wanted to share some with you today to hopefully inspire you as well! Even if you are not re-doing your stairs, the colors, textures, & details are inspiring for so many things. Also, while you are here you can find some other amazing people to follow to be inspired by while you scroll…

I think I starred at this stair runner from Six Vintage Rugs for an hour. It’s all just so beautiful & mesmerizing from the painted railings & trim to the rugs on the steps. I love it all by itself, but together it’s just a stunning combo!

Wood on wood on wood!! This beautiful image of stairs with yummy contrast posted by Jamb London stopped min in my scroll & now I want to figure out how I can get salvaged wood brought to the farm to recreate this look!

An old home that doesn’t have normal everyday builder grade items in it is my favorite! I love a home with character & this one from House On The Cape is one to follow & the combo of paint color on the railings & stairs is so unique!

I obsess over all things Union Willow [Evidence in her being in my scroll stoppers 2 weeks in a row.] I just love when she shares her back stairway. From the window, to the hat gallery wall, to the paint colors,  to the trim & headboard. I love it all!

A kitty, some plants, & the prettiest shade of blue makes these little steps from A great shot from number 10 the cutest little stairs I have ever seen! These just made me smile today & I hope they made you smile too!