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Weekend Antique Haul

It’s been a while since I posted one of these! It’s not that I have not been antiquing or finding treasures, it’s just that I wonder sometimes what to share. What will be inspiring? What will be helpful? What will be encouraging? What will be a dose of joy for someone? Since 2009-ish I’ve been sharing what I’m up to, what project I’m working on, & little life bits here & there. But sometimes I sit & wonder how I’m helping or what my purpose is. But then I get shaken out of it & remember that if I share my passions & things I love & create, it will find the right people just like it did back in 2009 when blogging was the Wild West & it was new to us all. I’m so thankful for this community & for a space to come & share my passions with those that love the same things. Today that is my weekend finds. I hope that when I share my finds it inspires you in some way for what to look for on your next antiquing adventure. This weekend’s haul was small, but mighty! Let’s get into it…

Pine dresser- I’m thinking of using this as a nightstand possibly. It’s in pretty good condition & love the white knobs against the super blonde antiqued pine.

Antique topiary forms – we found a lot of these & I’m thinking they could be great even styled like this somewhere as a statement or I could try my hand at a topiary with them too!

white herb drying trays- I love finding these because they have so many uses & they add a lot of texture and interest to little corners of the home like coffee tables, dining tables, kitchens, & more. I’m thinking I’m going to style these on a coffee table!

White chippy urn- I pick these up anywhere I can. My dream is to have a massive collection. A lot of times they are out of my budget, but this little guy was a keeper!

Picking bag- I love adding texture to spaces with bags! You know my market bag obsession, but antique market bags, messenger bags, picking bags, & more are also great ways to add texture by hanging on hooks, making a wreath, & many more ways.

Glass cloches- I LOVE a good cloche & I think by now you know this if you have followed me. These two tiny cloches are imperfect & show their handmade traits which I love. They were also only $15 which really had me excited!

deconstructed stool & fabric – I found this stool & fabric sitting near each other this weekend & it was instant fate when I saw it. I want to re-upolster this bench with this fabric which will be a quick & easy diy.

metal chicken brooder- Since I’m now a crazy chicken lady I needed this right? Haha actually before I even knew what it was I was thinking this could be a really cupola on the chicken coop. Come back for that diy soon!

I hope seeing these antique finds inspires you in some way. Stay tuned & follow along for where these end up in our home & how I style them. Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day! xx