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30+ Fun & Colorful Kids’ Swimwear Finds

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for enjoying the outdoors and soaking up memories. These are the days we spend as much time as possible splashing in the pool, floating at the lake, and gathering our garden bounty. Many of our summer days are spent in swimwear to make the act of jumping in our farm pool that much easier. Keeping Cope cool and entertained while staying cozy is something we really strive for during this summer season. That is why today I wanted to round up some fun & colorful kids’ swimwear.

Cope lives in the pool in the summertime and has become quite the confident little fish in and around the pool. Interested in seeing more cozy kid’s clothes and where we like to shop for Copeland? Check out this blog post here [HERE].

Shop all of my fun summer kids’ swimwear finds by clicking the images below:

How do the kids in your life stay cool during the summer months? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. I hope this round up of fun kids’ swimwear helps you during the summer season. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

You can see some pool floats I’m loving [HERE]
xx Liz Marie