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Style Showcase 139

Welcome to another Style Showcase! I hope you enjoy the inspiration we bring to you each week as we share past projects and content from our blogs. I’m leaving today to fly to New Orleans to see my sister and BIL for a week. I’m so glad we got our pool finished right before I left and we got to enjoy it for a weekend. It will be there when I return for a full fun summer. I’ll bring you along with me when I’m at my sister’s new house and I can’t wait to see it. They are maybe 3 weeks from moving in if not less. Building a house is a huge project, so there of course have been a few delays but they aren’t far off their move in date. I’m so excited to see it and I’ll be doing an update soon on the house.

I’m taking off some this week and not doing my usual fashion post, but I’ll be back Friday and over the weekend with more things to share.

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Americana blocks diy

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