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20+ Relaxing & Fun Summer Pool Floats

Summer is here! This means that we are spending the majority of our time outdoors in the pool and garden. One thing that we really enjoy doing on summer Friday nights is gathering with friends and family and having a fun pool party. In my opinion, no pool party is complete without some fun summer pool floats. The one thing I love about pool floats is…you don’t need a pool to enjoy them. Whether you are visiting a lake or even just want some fun yard toys, a pool float can be enjoyed. Today I wanted to round up 20+ relaxing and fun pool floats. 

Shop my round up of pool floats above by clicking the images below:

What is your favorite use for a pool float? Do you like to use them to relax, like me? Or do you like to use them for play, like Jose and Cope? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day! 

xx Liz Marie