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Shower Room Ideas: The Private Refuge You Desire

June 14, 2022

Shower Room Ideas are a splendid inspiration to assemble the private refuge of our dreams. Luxury Bathrooms are, surely, a sacred place where elegance, sophisticatedness, comfort, and functionality come together in order to offer us the place to relax and reconnect with our sensations. And what is a better place to experience extreme moments of relaxation than a shower room?

Shower Room Ideas

The Private Refuge You Desire

Shower Room Ideas usually include a bathtub or a shower, or both. Bath time is a splendid way to relax from the rushing hours of the day, but also an incredible way to prepare for those hours as well. In a bathtub or in a shower cubicle, this is a relevant matter to consider, since it allows us to totally disconnect from the outside world and to be only with ourselves. In the following section, we will explore 7 Maison Valentina‘s inspirations regarding shower room ideas.

The Darian Bathtub

Shower Room Ideas The Private Refuge You Desire Darian Bathtub Biophilic Design Luxury Bathroom

Embedded in comfortable nature, this luxury bathroom features the marvelous and bold Darian Leather Bathtub. With a charismatic look, it adds exquisiteness to the shower room, but more importantly, with accurate techniques, this bathtub is where we will be able to completely relax with glamour.

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The Diamond Faux Marble Bathtub

Shower Room Ideas The Private Refuge You Desire Diamond Faux Marble Bathtub White Luxury Bathroom

With an exclusive and elegant Diamond Faux Marble Bathtub, this shower room is the ideal place to escape from the world. Very comfortable to receive in our most long baths, and also sophisticated like the stone that inspired this creation, this luxury bathroom is remarkable.

The Symphony Oval Bathtub

Shower Room Ideas The Private Refuge You Desire Symphony Oval Bathtub Luxury Bathroom Gold Details

This modern bathroom features two different bath spaces. One walk-in shower space, and an emotional and exquisite Symphony Oval Bathtub that inspirits the harmony and balance from music. This bathtub has an incredible oval shape that allows us to relax and enjoy long baths where the “me-time” is all that matters.

The Koi Bathtub

Shower Room Ideas The Private Refuge You Desire Koi Bathtub Gold Details Nature Ambiance Luxury Bathroom

This shower room idea is remarkable. Inserted in nature and enjoying the sunlight from the skylight, this luxury bathroom is completed by the stout presence of the Koi Bathtub. A golden treasure with an oval shape, and a curved-lip tub that we can’t miss in our quiet-indulgence times.

The Petra Bathtub

Shower Room Ideas The Private Refuge You Desire Petra Bathtub Luxury Bathroom Black Bathroom

In a more neutral-toned bathroom design inspiration, this shower room features the refined and comfortable Petra Bathtub. With a wood structure completed with different shades of white marble, this modern bathroom offers such a place for relaxation and intimate moments.

The Diamond Bathtub

Shower Room Ideas The Private Refuge You Desire Diamond Bathtub Luxury Bathroom Marble Walls

This luxury bathroom surely is a personal oasis. This shower room is filled with a marble interior design and completed by the exquisite shape of the Diamond Bathtub, this bathroom inspiration is so exclusive and unique. The built-in oval tub offers incredible moments of soak, and all the ambiance that it’s settled in this bathroom design inspiration is mesmerizing.

The Lapiaz Bathtub

Shower Room Ideas The Private Refuge You Desire Lapiaz Bathtub Luxury Bathroom Golden Details

Inserted and classic modern style, this shower room is carefully assembled to provide moments of extreme pleasure, glamour, and comfort. Bright and soothing, this shower room features the Lapiaz Bathtub. A remarkable bathtub filled with an elegance that highlights any bathroom interior design.

Shower Room Ideas offers us bathroom design inspiration to complete the look in our luxury bathrooms, namely regarding one of the more stunning places of elegance and comfort: the bath space.


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