3 Items That Will Help With 99% of DIY Fixes in the Home

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Things break, that’s just a fact we have to acknowledge in life. Nothing will last forever, particularly when it comes to things in and around your home. Whether it’s an old table that’s slightly wobbly or a door hinge that’s come loose; things are bound to break at some point. 

Consequently, things also need fixing! Your instinct is to call someone in to do this for you, but why waste so much money when most issues in your home are DIY fixes!? The key is having the necessary items to help with the majority of common problems in your house. So, here are three things you should always keep handy in your toolbox:

A multi-head screwdriver

99% of the time, something that’s broken will need to be screwed or unscrewed. As such, you need to have a screwdriver in your toolkit that comes with multiple heads. The great thing is, you can literally buy items that had detachable heads, rather than needing to purchase dozens of separate screwdrivers. Find one with all the heads you could possibly need, allowing you to screw or unscrew everything in your home. 

Some spare screws

I would say one of the most common problems in your home is when a screw comes loose. It means that the item stops working properly and can be a bit of a hazard. But, the reason the screw has loosened is that it’s started to break and wear down. As a result, you need to replace it. Thankfully, there are sites like that sell a wide variety of screws for you to purchase and keep handy in a toolkit. Whenever something needs to be fixed, you can find the right screw and get it tightly in place. This can restore an old door hinge, a loose toilet seat; or so many other problems in your home. 

A plunger

A huge selection of household issues are plumbing-related. This can include clogged drains, clogged toilets, and so on. Most of the time, a trusty plunger will help you fix these problems. It can easily unclog a toilet or a drain, allowing you to get back to your life. 

Bonus: A wrench set

Okay, one bonus item for you to have before you leave! After talking about plumbing issues, it kickstarted a thought in my brain that wrenches are also highly valuable tools. They can be used to tighten nuts and bolts around your home if necessary, but they can also assist you in some plumbing-related issues. If a pipe is leaking, a well-placed wrench can tighten it and put things back to normal. So, yes, this is something to add to your toolkit as well. 

Sure, there will be other things you need in your DIY toolkit to make running home repairs. However, these items are the best things to have handy. If you’ve only got them, then you should still be able to handle the vast majority of DIY home repairs presented to you. And remember, if something seems too difficult or complex to fix; call an expert. Don’t put yourself or your home at risk!

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