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Mom and Dad Updates

It’s been a little while since I did a family update on mom and dad and there has been some new developments in the last week, so I wanted to let you all know how they are doing. Mom and dad have been at Dogwood Forest assisted living for 8 months now and it’s really gone so well.

The weather has been so nice and when we visit, we often go on the patio or porches and sit. It’s a good way to catch up and get outside. This is mom’s balcony off her apartment.

Dad is still in memory care and will stay there. His dementia is pretty stable at the moment, but he needs all the extra care they give him in memory care and it has let mom be able to take care of herself and not have to worry about him too. That’s been a blessing for her!

Mom has made a lot of friends and they play games, in particular Rumikub in the game room on her floor. Making friends has been so good for her and I know she is a blessing to them, because they tell me that.

Dad has a nice patio area outside memory care and we go out there with him too and he will make his way outside on nice days too.

Recently, Bobbie and Lynn Davis stopped by to see mom and dad. Lynn (the husband) is a fantastic singer and they raised their family in my dad’s church many years ago, so it is always nice to see them. Lynn brought his music and sat in the lobby and sang gospel music and you should have seen the crowd that gathered. He’s going to come back and sing again and I know it blessed the residents. Mom and dad enjoyed it so much too.

They had a mother/daughter dinner recently and I joined mom for that. It was a nice time too and very thoughtful of the facility to do these things for the residents.

We often end up on the balcony to visit. Conversations with dad are hard since he lives in the moment. He talks some about the past, but most of our conversations are about the weather, food and just normal small things. He seems to be very content for the most part and has stopped talking about home and his cars/truck, which is good. We are glad he’s not fixated on those things anymore. He just lives in the day to day and those 3 meals a day are the most important things in his life at the moment. And that’s ok!

Unfortunately, after having a wonderful 8 months in assisted living, mom took a fall last week and broke her shoulder. Mom was helping another lady in a wheelchair hold open the elevator door so she could get out and her walker was behind her. When she turned around to get it, she fell down and landed on her left shoulder. She doesn’t know exactly what made her fall, she just went down. At her age, this is so common and can be hazardous for sure.

We’ve been to urgent care and then to an orthopedic facility and her xrays indicated that it’s a fracture break and will just have to heal up. He said she should heal up pretty well in 6 to 8 weeks and then will get physical therapy to help with her arm mobility. We would appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery for her. It’s going to be hard for her, she’s staying in her room for now and we have extra levels of care for her for the next few months. We are hopeful for a good recovery for her.

That’s what is going on and I knew you all would want to know. Things have gone so well for both of them and then this mishap happened. But we are thankful they are in a good place and well taken care of. Thank you for all your concern for my parents.

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