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How to be Cozy All Summer Long Outdoors

Being in early June, I think it’s safe to say (knock on wood) that we have all started making our way outdoors. The patio furniture has been cleaned off, and the grills have been uncovered. Jose and I were talking about the crazy difference in our social-life during the summer compared to the winter. I feel like summer we are running from friends house to friends house, or enjoy random visits from friends and family, we are just with people, compared to winter, I really feel like I don’t see anyone, other my family for weeks & weeks. Regardless, we are so happy and welcome the busier social schedule during the warmer months, even for a pair of introverts. So with outdoor gathering happening on the daily, I wanted to share five easy tips to help you be cozy all Sumer long outside

Bring the indoors outside

You primarily stop here to the blog for my interior design and home decor inspiration, I am far from any type of landscape designer or master gardener, but I do have my loves for design and I love complimenting my interior design in the outdoors. I found the easiest way to do this is to consider the items you have inside and find elements you want to capture to bring outdoors. My love for antiques that you see in my home, I captured through vintage and antique garden iron and patio furniture. I love cozy seating options, so we have a few different seating vignettes that are new and outdoor safe, but give off a vintage inspired touch. All year long we have different greenery scattered around the house, we mirror that outdoors with curated planters with lovely florals, herbs, and general greenery. Think of your outdoors as an extension of your indoors.

Consider The Needs

Just like the indoors, the outdoors is a space that has to meet the needs of everyone that will be in the space. If you have guest over frequently, consider the different types of seating that you may need to accommodate. From ample seating, to elderly friendly seating and everything in-between. We do have random visits from all kinds of friends and family, so I want everyone to feel welcomed when that stop by.

If you are like me and enjoy every second you can possibly have outdoors, you will find yourself eating and just enjoying the space from sunrise to sunset. Consider the elements of the space through an entire day, do you need to provide forms of shade through umbrellas or create a seating area in a more shaded area. I know when my dad comes over he’s heading straight for the shade, no matter what. So keep guest from having to pick up your chairs and move them to a more comfortable spot, provide seating in various elements in the outdoors.

There is absolutely know way around it, you need to address any kind of bugs that may take away from your cozy outdoor space. I love keeping vintage wicker food covers outdoors to help protect any food we may enjoy outside. This goes beyond serving for a gather, like most, right after I am done eating a casual meal with just the family, the last thing I want to do is get up and rush everything inside. I want to extend my little cozy food coma a bit, and once the family is done (and if we all want to stay out) the food cover acts as a great, pause button on the clean up, until we are all ready to head back in. Citronella candles and plants are always a great way to barricade yourself from those mosquitos and other bugs. We are not longer protected by our doors and windows, so help yourself by getting stuff around your outdoor space that helps keep them out of your cozy space.

5 Senses Checklist

My 5 senses checklist I preach for indoor styling completely applies to the outdoor spaces as well. Cozy to me is my 5 senses being at peace at once, and I look for ways to accommodate each sense into a space.


We use the same elements outside as we do inside to ensure we have a cozy smell. Florals, Candles, and of course food. Being outside, I lean on my florals a bit more, so consider in early spring potted plants with great aromas, or even planting in the ground some of your favorites fragrant plants. This makes it easy on you when you get creating the space, because it’s already done for you.


Have an outdoor speaker nearby playing your favorite cozy playlist, its a great background mood-setter for the space, but don’t let it drown out nature and even the cozy memories being made through guest conservation and family laughter.


Food and drinks are always a must for every space. Think of season drink, a quite and easy recipe that can be thrown into a pitcher and left outside for guest for grab themselves, and quick grab and go snacks for people to enjoy all around your outdoor spaces.


Textures, textures, textures. Bring out some of your favorite table linens, or choose cozy cushions for your outdoor seats. Balance out the space between your hardscape structure with softer elements. Our vintage outdoor metal table with a glass top provides the hard structure, but soften up with a table linen or even double layers to give it a softer appeal. I love offsetting a stone or concrete planter, with a soft bushy or wispy plants, or even a glass cloche with a crazy vine inside.


I mean…. its all beautiful, from the space you created, to watching your family enjoy it. Other ways to create a cozy scene can be with an outdoor theater. Projects and screens are more affordable these days, a little outdoor projector on the side of a house or garage door, or even a mounted screen that can be pulled down can  create such a fun element to be enjoyed. This year we just planted a bunch, and I mean a bunch of incrediball hydrangeas, I cannot wait to see them grow in a few years, making this lush hedge with massive white flowers. Think of plants and colors that you love, and add them into your outdoor space.

Drink Station

We all want to feel at home, a self-serve drink station is so welcoming and does just that. I love drink stations inside and out, it allows for your guests to get a drink whenever they’d like, and not feel awkward to ask again, or miss the opportunity and now you just sat down… Let them be in charge of this one, and it allows for you. to relax a bit, taking one thing off the hosting duties. Pre-made juices or homemade quick recipes and a pitcher or container with a tap are great options for guests and make your space look tailored and finished.

Stay in your budget

The very most important tip for decorating any space inside and out is create a budget and stay within it. All of our spaces are curated over time, through new items we bought online, to vintage items we picked up at a market or antique shop. There are items I snag when I on sale or for a discounted price, and items that I know I want, and just need to pay for. At the end of the day take your time and curate the space, don’t rush it. It also allows for you to enjoy the space away from the space. In the winter when we pop around antique warehouses and vintage boutiques, I imagine the space and some items I’m on the hunt for, it is just a great way to make a space curated and truly your own unique space.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 simple and easy tips to be cozy all summer long outside. You should have found a lot of the same basic elements I use inside and extended it outside. These tips will work for any style, any budget, and any size of space or spaces. The family loves our outdoor space and I hope you can find a few tips help you create a space for yourself, your family, and guests. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world thus here on the farm. If you looking to connect, find us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Thank you again and stay cozy!