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How to Determine the Perfect Size for Your IKEA Kitchen Island

How to Decide on the Ideal Kitchen Island Dimensions

If you’re planning a kitchen island for your latest IKEA kitchen, you need to consider the space you’ll need per person.

It happens very often that homeowners don’t realize how big an island needs to be in order to accommodate multiple guests in a kitchen.

Sometimes they request to have a seating area for four when the available space would barely host three persons comfortably.

The average kitchen island dimensions are 80” x 40”, with a standard height of 36”, but the size of your kitchen island should very much depend on the size of your kitchen.

We’re giving you tips from our designers so you can re-think your design when needed and look for ways to improve your IKEA kitchen island configuration.

Consider the Following Before Designing Your IKEA Kitchen Island:

1. IKEA Kitchen Island Height

Do you want to have a standard height of 36″, a lower height similar to your kitchen table (30″) or a bar-type island, slightly higher than the rest of your cabinets (43 1/2″)?

Then you need to plan for a matching countertop overhang. Take a look at more tips for designing a comfortable overhang on your island.

2. Space Needed Per Person for an IKEA Kitchen Island

You’ll need no less than 24″ per person if you don’t want your guests to be knocking against each other’s elbows.

So, if you plan to have an IKEA kitchen island as an eating area for 3, think of: 24″ + 24″ + 24″ = 72″.

Can you really fit such an island in your kitchen without sacrificing walk-through space? Our designers can recommend other tips for spaces around islands as well.

Check out our blog post about mistakes to avoid when designing a kitchen island with seating.

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