What To Look For When You Move

If the time has come for you to move home, and you can’t seem to remember what you need and what you should be looking for – don’t worry. This shortlist can help you stay on track and remember all of the things that matter to you. 

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While what is in your house is important, what is around your house counts too. Look from places that are safe for children to play, plenty of shops, or at least a grocery store that has the essentials and good schools.

Before deciding on the house, take a walk around the neighborhood at different times of the day. This simple step will indicate how busy it gets and the types of people who are around at what times of the day. 


If you are lucky enough to buy a home with banc and front space, make sure it’s what you want. You might think that a beautiful country-style rose garden is brilliant – but do you fair well with bees, wasps, and other pollinators? And more importantly, do you like to garden? 

Consider if the garden spaces offer you enough privacy and security? Missing fences, low fences, and easy to access gardens aren’t great – but are easy to fix. 

Carefully consider what that fixing might cost and if the garden space suits you. 


Think about how many appliances you have and the connectors you need for them. Make sure that you are choosing a house or an apartment with washer/dryer connection, that there are enough sockets in the kitchen, and room for things like a dishwasher. 

Another thing to keep in mind is, how big is the available space? It’s a good idea to measure your own appliances and measure the home as you go so you’ll know if they will fit or not immediately. 

Standard or Upgraded?

Depending on the age of the home, some of the fixtures and fittings might be a little older than you’d like. Take into consideration how much they will cost to be upgraded – or if you need them upgraded at all. 

In an ideal world, you’d be looking to make sure that you have the highest quality possible, but that isn’t always possible. Often we need to look at the potential and what we can do to increase the comfort of the home. 

Look Up

Never ever look around a house without looking at the ceiling in each room. It will show you possible dampness, stains, mold, where mold might’ve been painted over if there are smoke alarms or smoke damage, and more. 

By looking at the guttering and roof, you can also tell if you will need to replace them soon or if they are in a good state of repair. 

Once you see a house that feels good, it can be all too easy to overlook what is wrong with it. Don’t fall into that trap! Keep your eye on the little details. 

And when you do move, here are some tips to keep you safe: ​​Moving House? Consider These Safety Precautions

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