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The Kitchen Hybrid Effect

Today, hybrids are everywhere, from hybrid automobiles, trucks, and bicycles, to plants, puppies, people, and sports. Indeed, hybrids combine the best of two or three elements.

And with all the powerful combinations, homeowners are discovering the myriad of reasons why a customized hybrid kitchen may be the perfect solution for their home remodeling project.


Top Reasons Why a Hybrid Kitchen Makes Perfect Design Sense

But first, what is a hybrid kitchen? It is a design plan that combines two or more cabinetry processes, including refacing and custom cabinetry.

Make it personalhybrid-gray-white-main

A hybrid kitchen remodel may include custom-built cabinets, such as an island or pantry that perfectly match the refaced, existing cabinetry. The result is a highly personalized and transformational kitchen design.

Remodels like this will improve the aesthetics and function of a kitchen, while also increasing the property value should you decide to sell down the road. The 2022 cost vs. value report says that a minor kitchen remodel will return 74.7% of the investment.

How to hybrid

Our Designers propose solutions for storage solutions, addressing issues you didn’t even know you had. Stacked dry goods in the garage or mixed in with dishware do not present a functional and organized kitchen. Designated storage for dry goods, spices, cooking essentials, and other everyday items will unclutter the heart of your home.

Currently, hybrid kitchens are so popular that a majority of the newly remodeled kitchens by Kitchen Magic utilize a hybrid design model. And their designers don’t see the trend slowing down as the formula always suits a custom solution for every customer. Even with the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, many remodeling homeowners still have storage on their wish list. 

Below are several of the most popular design scenarios for which a homeowner embraces a hybrid design plan.

Pass on the peninsulaHYBID-NEW-ISLAND

Incorporate a custom-crafted kitchen island instead of a peninsula that’s more conducive to gatherings. More homeowners with older homes are bidding adieu to their kitchen peninsula, as the U-shape is a configuration that tends to “trap” people into a particular prep or dining area. Instead, allow your kitchen design team to create a kitchen island for increased workflow. The kitchen island is also a user-friendly layout for dining and social gatherings.

Stock up on storage spaceCREDENZA

Stock up and add a bank of cabinets, a buffet, a credenza, or pantry. Copious storage is still more critical than ever. Homeowners today say they are seeking additional storage for dry goods and cooking equipment that allows them to stay in stock and maintain a high-functioning kitchen.

An empty corner could be a coffee station, device charging zone, bar area or display case that creates a personalized focal point for your new kitchen design.

Working from homehybrid-desk

A custom hutch or built-in desk is a welcome addition to working and learning at home.  Add cabinets, shelves, cubbies, and glass fronts.

Discover how you can turn an open corner into a super functional work-from-home zone. Reface the existing cabinets and add a custom deck that suits your home office situation.

Glass-front cabinets flanked by new pantry cabinets allow you to flex your design muscle and display your new home store finds with pride.

A hybrid kitchen design allows for a design team to claim extra space for new possibilities to store non-perishable foods, work from home, or display. So whether you plan to add an adjacent pantry, a credenza, or a mudroom with cabinets, the sky’s the limit with the help of skilled craftspeople and designers that utilize space wisely.

We can help dream up and accomplish unique new ways to organize and store dry goods, spices, canned goods, baking essentials, and other everyday items in the heart of your home.

Mix & matchcustom-china-cabinet

Up your style with a hybrid mix of materials, woods, texture, and color.

More than highly functional, a hybrid kitchen offers a canvas to masterfully mix color, texture, and materials in savvy and sophisticated new ways. This classic cherry display cabinet adds fashion and function to an otherwise empty space.

Suppose you haven’t seen newly trending white with natural wood kitchens. In that case, you will be amazed to view the simplicity of the look and feel of endless mixed hybrid possibilities like this cherry hutch with rustic kitchen cabinet pulls added to a refaced white kitchen.