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Summer Bathroom Trends 2022

With summer just around the corner – and as we all get excited for a few weeks (hopefully) in the sun – we take a look at the big bathroom trends we can expect to see this sunny season!

This Year’s Summer Bathroom Trends

We peered into the world of Instagram bathrooms to identify this summer’s leading interior bathroom trends.

This is what we expect to see making waves in UK bathrooms this year, alongside a few tips on how you can achieve the styles in your own bathroom.

Here’s the list of the top five most popular interior trends according to Instagram –

  1. #Coastaldecor- 809,833 posts
  2. #Naturalmaterials – 449,160 posts
  3. #Marblebathrooms- 207,623 posts
  4. #Terrazzodesigns- 97,616 posts
  5. #Brasshardware- 65,985 posts

Coastal Décor

A coastal style bathroom interior and vanity unit

Coastal décor is the most popular with 809,833 posts on Instagram.

Inspired by the settings of iconic romantic comedies, the coastal grandma interiors trend has become increasingly popular in recent months.

An understated and casual style, it is all about re-creating the look of a serene seaside retreat.

How To Achieve The Look…

“Keeping colours minimal is key to re-creating the coastal grandma aesthetic with a lot of greige and off-white coming through as part of the trend.

Opt for neutrals and muted tones. When it comes to fixtures and fittings in your bathroom, choose wood or white porcelain for a plainer look.

To tie it all together, accessorise with jute baskets, bamboo bathmats, white linen curtains, artisan pottery and fresh flowers.”

Natural Materials

naturally styled bathroom interior

Natural materials the next trend on Instagram, with over 449,000 posts.

With more people making eco-conscious decisions when it comes to their interiors, furniture made from natural and sustainable materials is becoming a popular choice.

How To Achieve The Look…

“If looking to re-vamp tired looking bathroom furniture this summer, consider choosing pieces made from re-claimed wood, ceramic, brass, and steel to increase longevity.

Wood and steel work well together to create an industrial or farmhouse aesthetic.

Ceramic and brass are great choices for more traditional looking bathrooms.”

Marble bathrooms

a smoked glass shower enclosure in a marble bathroom space

With 207,623 posts on Instagram, marble bathrooms are also proving popular for the upcoming season with a particular focus on white and grey graining.

How To Achieve The Look…

“White marble is extremely popular right now, and it’s a great choice if you desire a luxurious, spa-like space to relax in.

Perfect for summer, white marble will make the room look larger, feel cooler and appear brighter.

Consider incorporating matt black taps, showers and vanities for a striking contrast and ultra-modern look.”

Terrazzo designs

Close up of a shower valve on Terrazzo tile work

Terrazzo tiles follow behind with more than 97,000 posts on Instagram.

Originating in 16th century Italy and popularised in the mid-century modern era, terrazzo is making a comeback.

How To Achieve The Look…

“Often forgotten about, this material brings texture, colour, and individuality to a bathroom – whilst still being incredibly practical and hardwearing.

Including terrazzo tiling provides an opportunity for experimenting with different trending colours such as zesty orange, peachy pink, and sage green in a subtle yet effective way.”

Brass hardware

a green and gold bathroom trend moodboard

Finally, brass hardware is the fifth most popular summer bathroom trend according to Instagram with 65,985 posts on Instagram.

From the beginning of the year, brushed brass has continued to grow in popularity.

How To Achieve The Look…

“Add a vintage flair to your space with traditional oil rubbed bronze brassware and copper features.

Pair with darker hues such as hunter green to create a decadent aesthetic.

Bring the outdoors in with houseplants and other biophilia to accentuate the look and inject life into the room.”

What Bathroom Trends Do You Want To See?

Have you seen a bathroom trend you really like the look of?

Are there trends you think we may have missed?

Drop a comment below with your own big bathroom trends for the summer, and tell us all about what you hope to see more of this year!