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A Practical IKEA Linen Cabinet for Your Master Bathroom

How to Boost Storage and Style in Your Master Bath With a Linen Closet

Is your linen closet a place you avoid at all costs because you have stuff so crammed and jammed in there you can’t find anything?

Half-folded towels wadded among bed sheets and an avalanche of pillows doesn’t really make for a useful storage area.

So if you can’t find your bed sheets unless they fall on your head, it’s time for a linen closet makeover with IKEA. This project was completed with a budget of $1,166.

For this gorgeous master bathroom, we used LIDINGO door fronts.

Ask yourself the following before planning a new IKEA linen closet:

  • Which items do I need to store? If you have bulkier items, like full-sized towels, you may consider using shelves, for example.
  • How much space do I have available? A linen closet can be tucked in a narrow space, too. It can be as little as 18″, up to 60″.

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Why Choose an IKEA Linen Closet?

Keeping towels and bedding sheets in a closet will keep your linens clean and protected from dust and moisture. An organized linen closet also extends the life of expensive bedding and towels.

Properly folded and stored, linens are protected and ready for use — and far less likely to be appropriated for misadventures, such as washing the car or wiping down a muddy pet.

IKEA has tons of organizers. Also, their kitchen cabinetry is inexpensive, flexible and durable. Why not use it in a bathroom? Plus, AKURUM cabinets are easier to assemble or customize than most ready-to-assemble cabinets.

Take a look at our example of a linen closet done with IKEA cabinets in a master bathroom:

We combined 12″-deep drawer bases and wall cabinets with glass doors to achieve this ‘hutch’ look.

The total width of this linen closet is 46″ and the total height is 75″.

The Finishing Touches for Your IKEA Linen Closet

1. Ensure a Finished Look

Cover panels at each side to conceal seams between stacked cabinets.

2. Add Internal Organizers

Some suggestions:

  • GODMORGON internal compartments for drawers – To keep smaller items such as handkerchiefs and napkins individually tucked.
  • RATIONELL drawer dividers for deep drawers – Keep larger towels or bed sheets separated from other linens.
  • RATIONELL tray divider – Bulkier towels can be neatly rolled and divided with these.
  • KOMPLEMENT baskets, white – Carry your linens and keep a set of two nearby for easy organizing.

3. Recommended Shelf Heights

A shelf height of about 10 inches is good for sheets. Allow about 12 to 16 inches of shelf height for towels. Bulky comforters, wool blankets, and extra pillows may need 18 inches of shelf space.

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