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Five kitchen design mistakes no one should make in 2022.

These five kitchen design and kitchen cabinet style mistakes are not uncommon. However, if you make them your kitchen renovation could be rendered valueless.

1 Leaving soffits on top of your cabinets.

Soffits are completely out of style and so almost all sensible kitchen renovations will require removing the soffits, sometimes called “bulkheads” by homeowners. Often soffits will contain plumbing to a bathroom on the floor above or ductwork for heat or air conditioning.

Any good kitchen designer and contractor can reduce the height and or depth of the plumbing to fit between the top of the new cabinets and the ceiling and behind moldings that will hide it. Doing this should only cost about $1000 in extra construction. The value of the change can be worth the cost of the entire renovation.

The kitchen above spends 30 thousand dollars on appliances plus expensive cabinetry but doesn’t remove the soffits and bring the cabinetry and moldings to the ceiling. This is an inexcusable mistake.

We recently had a customer tell us that their contractor told them it would cost $17,000 to change the plumbing in their soffits. What an incredible warning sign, as this means his contractor is at the least unqualified and at the worst dishonest as well.

2 Getting arched doors or honey oak wood.

These two styles are so unpopular that any kitchen renovation that is done with these choices instantly looks outdated. There is almost zero resale value in choosing cabinets in this style and finish.

Choosing these cabinets just throws money away.

3 Putting cabinets over a doorway or window.

Sometimes in a customer’s drive to get more cabinetry they begin putting wall cabinets where they don’t belong. Putting wall cabinets over doorways or windows is tasteless and will instantly identify the kitchen project as unprofessional.

4 The contractor sells you the cabinetry.

If your contractor is selling you cabinetry you can be assured of two things. First, that you are overpaying for the cabinetry that you are getting. Secondly, that the design of your kitchen is being compromised by the interests of the contractor. Contractors generally do what is easy for them, not what looks or functions the best for you. ALLWAYS buy cabinetry direct from the cabinet dealer.

5 Getting an island too big for your space.

This is the most common mistake in kitchen renovation. Customers want islands so much that they will insist on islands that will often completely clog their kitchens. Only when the kitchen is completed, and the homeowners live in the space, or when they try to sell their home, do they realize how crowded the space is. Having a real estate agent, potential buyers, and a mother in-law try to pass each inside your overly tight kitchen, assures negative comments once they return to their cars.

Beautiful but foolishly too tight! The space between countertops on an island with a cooktop and sink back-to-back needs to be 48″. A person can then stand at the sink and another stand at the cooktop at the same time. 48″ is also the needed distance between countertop seating and a refrigerator or kitchen table. In the photo above, the island was made 48″ deep, so the homeowners only left 36″ cabinet to cabinet. This leaves less than 33″ from the range to the sink. No one sensible is going to buy this home.

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