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Main Line Kitchen Design’s business model vs a traditional kitchen showroom

What we value and invest in VS what competitors value and invest in.


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Main Line Kitchen Design manages our design process differently from other cabinet dealerships and design centers. We start by being more accessible. This is why our owner, Paul McAlary, answers our main phone number, and our designer’s phone extensions are transferred to their cell phones wherever they are. Below are some other ways we differ from competitors:

  • Main Line Kitchen Design designers work out of our offices with selling centers VS a tradition showroom open to the public that requires expensive staffing to help customers browsing without purpose or commitment. The larger showroom size and more visible location along with more expensive displays adds unneeded costs that are passed on to customers.
  • Traditional showrooms often receive, store, and deliver cabinetry in-house vs using logistics centers as a waypoint for cabinetry. The traditional showroom approach requires employees, trucks, storage facility, and insurance costs that in turn, increase the cost of the kitchens.
  • Alternatively, Main Line Kitchen Design uses a cost-effective Logistics Center that checks cabinets in, stores them for our customers and delivers them into our customer’s homes. We further ensure a smooth process by having our delivery manager Mark Mitten supervise every delivery. Home Depot and Lowes also use logistic centers. BUT they use less expensive centers that Main Line Kitchen Design gave up using due to damages and poor performance.
  • Traditional cabinet dealers focus on SALES vs Main Line Kitchen Design’s emphasis on DESIGN over sales. We know that better designed kitchens will lead to greater sales over time. All Main Line Kitchen Design kitchens are vetted by several designers to make them the best they can be. And even though our average designer has 20 years’ experience they still receive ongoing training on a weekly basis. This is one of the primary contributors to Main Line Kitchen Design’s 25% per year growth since 2010.
  • Main Line Kitchen Design insists that projects we take on proceed in a sensible and professional way. Insisting on organization saves time, frustration, and money for everyone involved. Sometimes, we even pass on jobs that appear to be headed in the wrong direction. This gives us more time to work with the customers receptive to our help.
  • Main Line Kitchen Design measures a project before bringing a customer into our offices. This assures that all the designs we do are feasible and that no time is wasted on what’s not possible or within a customer’s budget. Other cabinet dealers and showrooms accept unverified measurements. Their designers often never even visit the space they are designing.
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Main Line Kitchen Design never stops innovating. We use the newest technology including state of the art CAD software, CRM systems, Adobe instead of printers and scanners, Docusign technology, and virtual pay portals. We also use old-fashioned hand drawings and appointment books when simple is best.

Take a virtual tour of one of our kitchens LINK HERE. It shows why we are a step ahead of our competitors.