How to Make Difficult Decisions

Life is full of difficult decisions, whether it’s taking another job on the other side of the country, taking care of an aging family member, or wondering how to tackle bad news in your life. These decisions can be hard for anybody, and the magnitude of a tough choice can cause stress and anxiety as you worry about taking the wrong path. While you can never always know what will happen, you can take steps to learn how to make difficult decisions without regrets. 

Head vs Heart 

Every decision can come down to the head versus the heart, but you should not opt for a single answer each time. The choice you make can depend on the situation, and understanding this will make it easier for you to approach the decision logically. Rather than make a rash and potentially wrong choice, you’re able to consider the different angles to come to a suitable conclusion. 

When considering the head versus the heart, balance the two desires against one another before picking the path that seems right. While you may have initially wanted to follow one, you might find that the other is more suitable for your current situation. 

Get Impartial Advice 

Impartial advice can be beneficial in your professional life just as much as in your personal life. Often, people can be too close to certain decisions which cloud their judgment and relies on sentimentality rather than logic. 

By seeking impartial advice, you can get the answer you need (though not necessarily want) from someone far enough removed from the situation. This could be a friend or a coworker. As long as the decision does not affect them, you should be able to trust their response. 

Define What You Want Most 

Knowing what you want can help you move in the right direction. This can connect to the head and the heart issue, although it can work as a separate consideration when approaching difficult decisions, too. 

If you can outline what you want from the decision, whether a chance to be closer to family or an opportunity to further your career, you will have an easier time working out what is best for you. However, you should also consider your family and friends, and their opinions may be just as crucial. 

Consider the Future 

Your decision will not just impact the present. It will also impact the future, which is an issue you must think about before making the final decision. 

There are many tough decisions to make in life. If you have recently lost a relative, deciding on the gravesite and bronze grave markers can affect maintenance and accessibility. Taking a job across the country could affect your kids and partner as they are torn away from the life they know and love. Although you can never predict the future, you can get an idea of what could happen. 


In an ideal world, you’d never need to make choices, at least not difficult ones. However, that isn’t what life is, and there will be a time when you need to make tough choices that could impact the rest of your family as much as it does for you.

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