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Antique Terrarium Greenhouse – Epic Flea Market Find

It’s been a while since I came here to share an EPIC antique find with you guys, but boy do I have one today to share! For this one we have to go way back to February when we went to California for a book signing at Barn House Chicks Market. The market was beautiful & it was an honor to sign copies of my book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons, at this beautiful venue. The vendors were to die for & of course little old me was pining to buy some antiques even though I knew I couldn’t take the big pieces with me on the plane. Well, that all went out the window when I saw a certain piece from afar….

I mean, you would do anything to get this home wouldn’t you??? As soon as I spotted it I ran to the vendor of the booth, LastvestigeDesign, & made a fool of myself telling her I really wanted to buy it, but would need to figure out shipping. Have I mentioned that every single person we met in California was so kind? They were. She offered to ship this beautiful little greenhouse to our farm & I about died! LastvestigeDesign had one of my favorite booths at the entire market. It was filled with garden finds & her style was so similar to mine. I honestly would have bought her whole booth if I could.

Me frantic at the market taking this shot of the piece before it sold to someone else:

& now home with me…

The large terrarium was found at an estate sale in Los Angeles & I was told that it was found at a house of a man who had a lot of plants & was a master gardener. What an honor to have a piece from someone who loved gardening & was well, a master at it. Having this piece in a weird way inspires me to keep learning, trying, & growing as a gardener. I don’t think I will ever be a master, but I always hope to be a better plant mom each season!

It was quite the adventure getting this delivered to the farm. It was by no means anyone’s fault but the trucking company. Let’s just say it went missing for a while & there was a while that I thought it was lost forever or delivered to the wrong address & that person kept it for themselves, but after a few months, a very long journey, & getting someone else’s delivery delivered to our farm… IT IS HERE!!!

I will of course share more later & the irony is I styled a faux plant in here for the photos to take for you guys, but I’ll get some real plants for in here & share more soon. I just couldn’t wait to show you this amazing find & hopefully inspire you to be on the lookout for one on your next market adventure. What plant should I get for in here? a topiary? a vine? a tree? What would you do with this piece? Find me on my socials & let me know! Instagram & Facebook & now we are on TikTok too!