How To Stay Cool This Summer

The chances are high that where you are living in the world right now you are approaching the summer. If you are in the United States, you are also aware that summer weather can be notoriously difficult. In some places you get gloriously long and lazy summer days, and other places offer tropical storms. However, whether you are getting sunshine or storms one thing is certain – it will feel humid out there. As happy as you may be to see the blazing sunshine you need to be prepared to stay as cool as possible.

You should be able to enjoy your time indoors and outdoors during the summer which means you need to be prepared for both. Getting in the heating and air repair specialists to ensure your HVAC is working properly it’s always a good place to start in summer time. You need to make sure that you know how to stay cool in summer and we’ve got some suggestions for you below.

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  1. Close your windows and shut the curtains. It may sound counter-productive because you want to be able to enjoy the sunshine streaming through the window, but if you’re looking to cool the place down then taking the sunshine away is the best chance you’ve got. Unfortunately, you cannot switch off the sun, but you can have control over how much of it comes into your house. It might be tempting to fling open the windows and let the heat come through, but it could mean that you have a stuffy and hot house to deal with. Keep the blinds down, the curtains drawn and the window shut. You’ll thank yourself at night time.
  2. Create a breeze. We are not talking about your air conditioning or the fans you have sitting around the house, but if you want to encourage the house to be a cool place to be, then create the breeze yourself. Shut the screen doors but keep the internal front and back doors open. If you can get a breeze moving through the house, your house will feel lighter and cooler than ever.
  3. Add bowls of water. This may seem weird, but did you know that bowls of cool water around the house can help to cool the hot air? It’s a simple but effective way to help your home to feel cool. For the stuffy bedrooms upstairs where the heat has risen, place a bowl of ice cubes and water in front of a moving fan. They will move over the cold ice and cool your room in an instant.
  4. Invest in a great fan. Electric fans can make all the difference in the summer months, but be aware of how much energy they use. If you need to replace the HVAC and the company is backed up, then fans can make the difference temporarily while you wait. You do want to ensure that you make the most of them though, which means that you need to point your fans upwards towards the ceiling. Position it so that it points outwards towards the opposite wall with no large objects in the way and tilted up so that the air is cooler.

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