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Weekend Antique Finds: Connecting with the Antique Community

Hey friends! I hope you are had a great weekend! I will say after a very rough (not serious but stressful) week, I cannot remember a time I was more excited for the weekend. I will share more on social media, but last week was one of those, one thing goes wrong, then 2, 3… 10! SO a very grateful and thankful weekend brings me one of my favorite blog post series, Weekend Antique Finds. And since we are entering vintage/antique market seasons again (in the colder states), I wanted to start brining back the Weekend Antique Finds series, to showcase some of my favorite items, and help you work antiques into your design and style if you love vintage items but don’t know where to start. Today we are going to focus in on the vintage/antique community, but first let me show you just a few things I got.

Spring & plants where on my mind this weekend, if you couldn’t tell. I love finding unique planters and holders to add those unique elements around the house, garden, and greenhouse. I also picked up two raw wood tables that both have fun unique features. One has two drawers at the head of the table and the other has unique legs, that I couldn’t pass up on. Outside of having fun going antiquing, I want to really take time to focus in on antique stores and people. This weekend I met for the first time, someone I have been buying from for years. She was located at one of my favorite antique shops, like my store The Found Cottage, within the antique shop, multiple vendors have space or items that they sell independently. A year or so ago, she left to open up her very own store, Farmer Grey’s in Battle Creek Michigan. The shop is in a very-very cool old school house. After some time away to renovate the shop, she’s open and I finally had the opportunity to brighten up my week and visit! There were so many cool items that I already added to vignettes or my cabinets, and will share those on social media this week… but again today’s weekend antique finds is focused in the beauty of the antique community and the people all around it.

One of the reason I love antiquing is the sustainability of giving old things purpose again, but also connecting with those people that sell the items regularly. I am a complete introvert naturally, until you get me started on talking about things I love, and if you love those things too (antiques) we nearly always connect-instantly. I love listening to dealers and sellers talk about the history of the piece or what the piece may have been used for. If you are new, this is a great way to learn about pieces. I will say, sometimes pieces can be.. over-exaggerated, but still great education. I even like listening to the stories of how these dealer/sellers got the piece they are selling. Was it a needle in a haystack, or in their house for 10 years… regardless they tell it with great admiration for the hunt and the piece, like a well-crafted fictional adventure book. Creating these connections is a great way to get more immersed into the antique and vintage world, and after awhile it because such a strong community. I will come across something during my adventure that will have a friends name (figuratively) all over it… and they do the same. There are a couple dealer and shops that know of particular pieces I am looking for and call me or let me know if they come across things. We do the something at our shop, if we can.. This is just a beautiful community that all appreciate the same things, old items going to good homes to be appreciated and displayed beautifully!

There a few other items I’ll showcase here this week, so please stay tuned here on the blog and on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. The purpose of this series is to hopefully inspire you to visit an antique market this year, and maybe connect with a special item or start a new collection. I love inspiring design and cozying up homes of all styles, sizes, and budgets, and Weekend Antique Finds is a great way to find your style and items you love with a little bit of a story behind them. Overall the beautiful items in your home is just as important as the journey to the piece and the history that follows that piece. So I encourage you to get out and connect with people in this community, you will find some great friends and meet some wonderful people with amazing stories. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us here on the farm.