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Favorite Things Friday: Garden Prep, Cozy Decor, and My Friday Finds!

Happy Friday, Friends! It has been such a fun week around here as it was the start of our Cozy White Cottage Seasons Book Club! From preparing the seeds for our garden to sharing some helpful tips for spring cleaning, I have loved talking through the cozy tips from my second design book a little bit further. Along with that, we have enjoyed a little warmer weather on the farm, which has been so enjoyable to be able to get outside, play with the new lambs, and just soak in a little vitamin D as well!


My Cozy Book Club made a return this week! I think I am just as excited to launch this book club as I was to announce the book itself! My two design books capture the basic root elements of the word, feeling, and thought of what is Cozy. Cozy is different for everyone, and I try to help showcase my version of cozy and how it can apply to you and your individual style. Let’s discuss daily what cozy means to us! If you want to know more about the Book Club, check out this blog post here [HERE].


Our home is no stranger to pine cabinets. It’s one of my favorite antique items to acquire and when I come across one, it’s really hard to not bring it home. The bad thing about bringing an antique pine cabinet into our home is that it’s really hard to share a source with where you can purchase your own. Well, that ends today because I wanted to round up 20+ cozy farmhouse pine cabinets here [HERE], both new and antique.


Each week I gather 5 images that I’m inspired by in my weekly Scroll Stoppers blog series. This week features 5 storefront images that I have been inspired by. Check out 5 images that I was inspired by this week here [HERE].


As we consider our refresh for whatever season it is, keep each of your senses in mind to make sure you try to make each sense happy, cozy, and at peace. In this blog post, I share some helpful checklists to help get you through this spring season and guide you in making your home cozy. Miss Monday’s Book Club Discussion? Check out a recap of it here [HERE]!


In the spring and summer months, the garden is my happy place. Since moving to White Cottage Farm, our garden has evolved so much. Each year we make changes to our garden to create an equally relaxing oasis and a place that can nourish. In this blog post here [HERE] I share a round-up of 15+ antique-inspired fountains for a peaceful garden or outdoor space.


It is no secret that I absolutely love vintage and antique items. But sometimes, finding those items are just too hard, or maybe just out of budget. So for those that love old things like me, who doesn’t love making things look legitimately old. This DIY here [HERE] shows you how to make Terracotta look aged, with only two ingredients. 


I’m back with another splurge or save blog post! This time it’s all about outdoor gathering finds. One goal of mine in 2022 is to continue offering and sharing cozy items at all price points. That is why I love writing these splurge or save posts because it gives me a chance to search around the internet for the best prices for you! Check out all of the dupes here [HERE].


Spring refresh has been the theme this week, as well as the first stop with our book club. In this blog post, we are connecting with the outdoors a bit further and getting some seeds started, from a store-bought raised bed/seed starter kit. See how easy it is to get a little garden started that can be done right inside your house or just outside your back door, or balcony for those in apartments here [HERE].


Each Friday I like to round up some of my favorite current finds from around the internet. Whether it be clothing, plants, or home decor- I like to share some cozy items with you in hopes that it inspires you or just maybe it is the missing piece to what you were looking for.

Shop all of my Friday Finds by clicking the images below:


After spending time doing garden prep this week, my new favorite sweatshirt is this “Gardener” Sweatshirt. It’s currently on sale! Check it out here [HERE].


The Birch Lane Sale of the Year is next week! Check out some of the cozy decor items that I have my eye on here [HERE].

How was your week, Friends? Is there something that stood out to be a favorite of yours? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Our weekend will consist of more garden prep over here and enjoying time outside. I can’t wait to continue on with our Cozy Book Club on Monday! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie