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DIY Photo Glitter Globes

If you thought I liked photo projects before I had a baby, well, believe it or not … I am EVEN MORE INTO IT NOW. Lol.

I am working with Canon USA to share this DIY photo glitter globe project. I used the Canon IVY mini printer, which is a small portable printer you can use to print photos from your phone (using the Canon mini print app).

I love this little printer. It’s super easy to use and the prints are stickers! You can also use the app to add design elements like frames or stickers.

What are glitter globes? Basically, these are mini snow globes but the glitter and colors I choose don’t feel “wintery,” so I felt they deserved another name. You can add any photos to these—I chose black and white photos of my son.

And these photo glitter globes are fun to make for yourself or as a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day (or a holiday).

I’ll share step-by-step photos of how I made these, but I created this video tutorial too:

You can customize these lots of different ways! I made mine colorful by adding a drop or two of food coloring, but you could also choose to leave the water plain and use different colored glitter for a different look.


Step One: Print your photos. Each photo globe had a front and back, so it could have two photos in each (or two of the same photo, if you wanted).

I used the black and white filter in the Canon mini print app to edit some of the photos I had on my phone and printed them out on the ZINK paper.

Step Two: Peel and stick the photos to the inner cardboard (that came with the globes). Then, use scissors to trim them to fit into the globes.

Step Three: Fill the globes. First, I added the glitter. Then I mixed 1/2 to 3/4 cup water with one drop of food coloring and a cap full (probably about 1 teaspoon) of glycerin.

The glycerin helps to keep the glitter from clumping together.

These turned out really cute, IMO. I currently have one sitting on my office desk right by my computer as I type this. The other two are meant to be gifts for my mother and mother-in-law. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma