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Modern Bathroom Designs: The Symphony Collection

April 20, 2022

Modern Bathroom Designs are an opportunity to create a sophisticated, relaxing, and comfortable ambiance in your bathroom inspiration. With infinite possibilities, the decision on how to assemble a splendid personal oasis is in your hands.

The Symphony Collection

Designed and handcrafted with love, passion, and the best materials, techniques, and finishes, the Symphony Collection is all about music and emotions. Inspirited by the natural movement of the sound and with the interpretation of essential elements in church organs, violins, and brass instruments, this collection is so emotional and it will be a delightful harmony in your bathroom interior design.

Symphony Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Bathtub White and Gold Modern Bathroom

This bathtub is made of white fiberglass with gold-plated brass tubes, and this combination gives the touch of sophisticatedness and noble design to this unique bathroom design inspiration. Inspired by music, the Symphony Bathtub is an aesthetic furniture to have in any luxury bathroom. It sure is the perfect relaxation spot to feel the harmonies flowing in the air.

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Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Bathtub Produc Detail Image

Symphony Freestanding

Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Freestandings Black Luxury Bathroom

Inspiriting the church organ tubes and the violin curves, this freestanding was crafted with the most accurate and precise techniques and high-end materials, in order to design detailed and stunning bathroom furniture. The Symphony Freestanding is a bold statement for your bathroom interior design. Filled with luxury, glamour, and functionality, this is such an achievement for your personal oasis.

Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Freestanding Product Image Detail


Symphony Oval Bathtub & Symphony Washbasin

Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Oval Bathtub and Symphony Washbasin White and Gold Details

Designed to make us feel the harmonies and relax, the Symphony Oval Bathtub is made of white enamel and gold-plated brass tubes which make the oval-shaped design pop out. This marvelous bathtub is the perfect quiet spot to be after a rushing day. Elegant and glamorous, this is a stunning furniture for your bathroom inspiration.

Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Washbasin Cosmopolitan Bathroom

Regarding, the Symphony Washbasin is handmade with different techniques and materials to assemble a personalized and exclusive vanity. With a cluster of polished brass tubes combined with exotic wood, a countertop constituted by Nero Marquina Marble, and two gold-plated vessel sinks, this washbasin is astonishing. Exquisite and functional, it will give you the look you always aspired to in your modern bathroom.

Symphony Single Suspension Cabinet

Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Single Suspension Cabinet Black Luxury Bathroom

The Symphony Single Suspension Cabinet is constituted by an exotic wood structure and a countertop of Nero Marquina Marble. Designed from love and emotions, this bathroom furniture is inspired by musical instruments and its most-distinguished features. This is such a powerful addition to your bathroom projects.

Symphony Single Washbasin

Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Single Washbasin with Shield Mirror

This harmonious furniture from the Symphony Collection is an impressive masterpiece. The Symphony Single Washbasin is handcrafted with different skills since it is made from diverse materials: from metal to wood. Filled with a refined and astonishing look, your luxury bathroom will bloom with glamour and you will feel more relaxed than ever.

Symphony Dressing Table

Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Dressing Table Nature Bathroom

This is a splendid dressing table for your interior design idea. Made of cluster gold plated brass tubes, a wood structure, a countertop produced in wood and lacquered high gloss black, and a serpentine front – clearly inspired by the organ tubes – the Symphony Dressing Table is such a wonderful vanity. With five small drawers on it and a round mirror on the top, functionality is achieved and combined with its luxurious and sophisticated look.

Symphony Vessel Sink

Modern Bathroom Designs The Symphony Collection Symphony Vessel Sink Contract Bathroom With White and Marble Details

Designed to provide a contemporary design, the Symphony Vessel Sink is customizable in three different marbles, so it can be an absolute and pure match to any bathroom project. This stunning vessel sink will give the touch that was missing in your bathroom design: elegance and finesse are now a presence in your personal oasis.

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