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Cozy White Cottage Seasons Book Club #1

Today we launched the book club for Cozy White Cottage Seasons, so we are sending a lot of information out today… moving forward you will see just the content we covered in the book club and probably a follow up or recap, just in case you missed it. Here is what we covered today for Cozy White Cottage Book Club #1. You can also go watch my reel and stories on Instagram (here) to listen to our book club discussion and see the space get transformed.

Cozy is different to everyone, for me its my five senses being at peace at once. Don’t know where to start with space, create/design with your senses in mind. As we consider our refresh for whatever season it is, keep each of your senses in mind to make sure you try to make each sense happy, cozy, and at peace. If you are looking for a reference to get started, and you have the book, head to page 5, Seasonal Checklist, if you don’t have the book, no worries, you can get your free printable (here) to work off.

Spring is a season of new, fresh, and an overall reset. I laid out the book with spring first for emphasize that point. I love Mondays and spring for that exact feeling. A feeling of a new start. Spaces can have the same feeling in your mind, I cannot be the only one with the urge to shuffle furniture around just because its something new and fresh.

We are starting our checklist with tackling the backroom. This room is more of the family room, Cope even calls it his back living room. We wanted to brighten up this room, so quickly changing out our neutral linen slipcovers from BEMZ, for white slipcovers also by BEMZ. With the days being a little brighter and longer, we want to compliment the space with white slip covers to really brighten up the room as much as we can. As part of the cleaning phase of the checklist, we pulled out my Ruggable rug to wash, and slid my QVC rug in place.

To welcome the light in even more we pulled the curtains from this room, and fully did a deep clean of the space from windows to floors and everything in-between. We hope this inspires you to get your spring refresh underway, because the goal of spring refreshes is to not only bright up our spaces and welcome spring inside our home, but to have it ready so we can go outside as soon as the spring weather shows up. I have gotten late starts before, and if you aren’t careful spring can come and go before your eyes. During the winter season, since we are inside more often, I usually leave a bunch of different books and magazines on my coffee table. With Spring, we are outside nearly all day, so I enjoy decluttering the coffee table with only a few items. We also have the Samsung Frame TV, so we updated our Art to something we felt was more spring.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and sending in all of the questions in our book club question box we put up in instagram. If you haven’t seen those, go watch my stories on Instagram today. Also, be sure to check out this blog, Cozy White Cottage Seasons Book Club – Welcome! to read all the details regarding were to connect, FAQ’s and exceptions of Cozy White Cottage Seasons Book Club. Thank you again for stopping by and Stay Cozy!