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Remodelers face kitchen cabinet and other supply chain delays.

What’s the real lead time homeowners should expect when ordering the materials for a new kitchen?

The simplest answer is that the less expensive the materials the shorter the lead time.

Fabuwood Kitchen
Fabuwood Fusion Blanc kitchen

For kitchen cabinetry there are 3 tiers of possible timelines:

  1. The least expensive well-built cabinet lines will have no delays IF the parts and materials are in stock to manufacture the cabinets. Lines like Fabuwood import most of the materials for the cabinetry they assemble, so if all the parts and pieces are available assembling the cabinets and shipping then has no delays and 6 weeks is a common delivery time. However, is there are missing parts there is no telling when back order will arrive as they aren’t even in this country yet much less unladed and delivered to the factory. Fortunately, Fabuwood has very little out of stock issues, but other brands line the CNC or US Cabinet Depot lines we carry can have many back orders. Competitors like Wolf, Forevermark, and other lines also have at times had issues from minor to quite severe. ASK YOUR DESIGNER ABOUT POSSIBLE DELAYS AND EXPECT THEM IF YOU ARE TOLD TO.
  2. Mid-Priced and higher-end semi-custom US lines like the Bishop, Timberlake or Legacy lines we carry have lead times ranging from 10 weeks to 16 weeks on average. The longer timelines are due to delays in the manufacturing of the cabinet fronts and in disruptions in the workforce and shipping.
  3. Custom cabinet lines like the Brighton and Wellsford brands we carry can take anywhere from 22 weeks for Brighton to six months for Wellsford. Many full custom lines are now taking over 30 weeks, so these timelines are faster in comparison.

Interior cabinet devices like two-tiered cutlery dividers or panty pull outs have also had stocking problems. Most cabinet companies buy these components from companies like Rev-a-shelf or Hefele so often new cabinetry will ship without the interior cabinet device if it is holding up an entire order. Even cabinet roll outs have been in short supply over that last two years and because of this have ranged in price more than 100% over the last 24 months.

Main Line Kitchen Design travels to KBIS in Las Vegas
Hair dryer drawers are rare commodities now.

Appliances are also delayed according to price. The most expensive professional appliances can take a year to get, and even those long delays are not guaranteed. Many of our customers now make do with old appliances or purchase used appliances to have use of a range or refrigerator until their new model arrives. More exotic appliances like European ranges, or the highest end wine refrigerators can test everyone’s patience.

KBIS 2016 17

Countertops have not been generally affected. Some Engineered Quartz brands have stock issues, but Main Line Kitchen Design and other proactive retailers simply switch the quartz brands we carry to avoid delays. Natural surfaces like granite, soapstone, and quartzite, will be in stock for customers to see so while sometimes selections could be more limited there are no installation delays.

Cabinet hardware like handles and knobs comes in a manner of days (when in stock). However Main Line Kitchen Design has been waiting for some sample boards for over 9 months. Apparently, some of our sample boards were lost at sea. I know that sounds funny but it’s what we were told!

Helping customers make smart decisions when facing delays and selecting the materials that are less effected by delays, is what good kitchen designers do.

Main Line Kitchen Design looks forward to helping you make those smart decisions.