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Creating White Cottage Farm: The New Addition on our Farmhouse

If you haven’t heard yet..we are putting an addition on our home! This addition has been a part of our hopes and dreams for the past 5 years since we purchased the farm. Up until this point, we haven’t added any square footage onto our home. It feels so surreal to see these dreams come to life.

Currently, our master bedroom is on the second floor of our home. If you would like to see our bedroom, click here [HERE] to see a peek into what it looks like currently. Overall, the layout on the second floor needs a lot of work. Apart from our bedroom and Cope’s bedroom, we haven’t worked on this part of our home yet. This is honestly because we aren’t too set on design plans. Reading this you might be confused as to what the floorplan is like on our 2nd floor, and this blog post [HERE] should help answer those questions. As we start to think about adding to our family of three, we are going to need more space for slumber parties and playdates. Moving our bedroom downstairs is the first step in these design plans.

The addition will be part of our master bedroom and bathroom. We are adding on to an amazing room that has once served as our office, but to serve as a master bedroom was just too small for us.

The room seen here [HERE] in it’s early days, was used as an office space. We have been wanting to extend this room for quite some time now to create a larger bedroom space.

How we are preserving our 1800’s Farmhouse

We made the choice earlier this year to reside our home using LP SmartSide siding from LP Building Solutions. We initially chose LP SmartSide siding for our home because it was the perfect choice to maintain the look of our 1800’s farmhouse. It is also the perfect choice for durability. If you would like to read more about LP SmartSide siding and our decision to reside in our house when we did, click here [HERE]. Using LP SmartSide siding for the new addition on our home has been the easiest transition. Using the same siding that we used on the rest of our home was a big must-have for us when thinking about the renovation.

What do you think of the new addition to our home? What are you most excited to see once It is completed? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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